It’s a little strange to test your own merchandise and then pray to the sky. But I did it anyhow! Last year, we designed the thin ThermoCool beanies, a super slim beanie that you can wear under a helmet. We already knew the experience of mixing ThermoCool and Merino wool fibers, and we knew it would work. The feedback from testers and daily users was therefore very positive. Only the mention “Climate Active” given by the wool producer! How it is effective? And if you wear a thin layer of this knit under a helmet, what is the result?

Last week, I was the first to test it for a week. In the Alps, with temperatures of -10 to +5 degrees.

Under my helmet, with extreme cold, I put on a silk hood and or without undercoat. I had to place my helmet on a heater during lunch to dry no matter the outside temperature.

Maybe you say that my body temperature is growing fast. I put my ski clothes in the apartment, then within 2 minutes I have pearls of sweat on my back and on my head. Thin layers in my outfit is a must.

The first days were cold. The thickest mitts and hottest undercoats, and of course the ThermoCool beanie. It is so thin that you do not really feel it. And keeps it warm? The best is probably to say that: after a few hours of intense skiing, I did not remove my helmet. The helmet was dry and the beanies was a bit damp. During lunch, I strung up the beanie and within 10 minutes it was completely dry. BAM!

During the week, the temperature climbed steadily in the afternoon. The temperature of my head has always been constant: not too hot or not too cold and most important: almost dry!

To make sure that my own Heidi Liebt beanie was a miracle, I spent the last hour in the sun with a helmet without a hat, I will never do it again.

So: We, Heidi Liebt, advise a Heidi Liebt ThermoCool under the helmet. 🙂

Met winterse groet,

Ingolf van Oostveen

4 January 2017





Because we produce everything all the way in the Netherlands, we also have the maximum control over our production process and can therefore also make improvements during the year. At the beginning of the season there was a small issue with the stitching that was too tight in certain places and thereby loosened. Shrunk other suppliers such a party; We loosen the stitches and repair it. Perhaps not the most economical way (read euros), but we are dealing with resources resourcefully. It’s important to you and me, but especially for the next generations!

Merino wool: The animal welfare is paramount!

Worldwide, there are a lot of fuss about the treatment of Merino sheep. Not for nothing that the Pet and Peta Party does a lot of work. We think it is important that we also play a leading role in this. Our Merino wool is from SĂĽdwolle. A wool producer who truly has all the environmental quality features.
( Südwolle has its own sheep farm in Australia:ë:

“Mount Hesse merino sheep station is located in southeastern Australia, in the state of Victoria. The farm, which was acquired by Südwolle Group in 2002, looks back on a rich history – but it can also look forward to a bright future.
Mount Hes
se is a family-operated farm and is one of the largest merino wool producers in Australia.
The farm is managed according to holistic and integrated environmental standards and best practice. It sets standards for today’s demands on the quality and processability of wool, and tries out new concepts – for grazing, animal husbandry, shearing and natural livestock living conditions. These concepts are instrumental in continuously improving the final product.”

I have not been able to check it with my own eyes, but I trust that animal welfare there is good!

thermocool-graphicSportswool Merino: Innovation
In recent years I learned a lot about the different qualities of wool. During the test phase of the Sporty Spice, I even put wool on my head in the sauna to see if it was going to crumble, how the moisture was absorbed and if you did not blow yourself up. The outcome of these tests was that one type of Sportswool Merino was getting up and down. The wool used by us is a blend of the finest Merino wool (19.5 mu) with THERMOCOOL ™ from Advansa. A technical fiber that, as they themselves say,… Fiber designed to work with the body’s natural thermal capabilities through smart fiber cross-sections: Duoregulation ™ adapts to the wearer’s needs. Short through the bend: it insulates when it is too cold out and warms when the temperature becomes too high. Do you want to study it like me?

The precise relationship of the fibers and the way we process it for an optimal effect remains our secret!

What’s still going to happen
For next year we will try to make a thin technical 1-layer cap for runners, which can also be worn under a (bicycle) helmet. A light insulating but especially ventilating and moisture regulating cap. In addition to this new sports hat we also get started with a new Ultimate Beanie 2.0 and a totally new fashion beanie. Stay tuned to Facebook so!

I wish everyone a nice spring and still go in the snow? Do not forget Heidi Liebt!

Met winterse groet,

Ingolf van Oostveen