New in North America Coolest beanies ever!

All Heidi Liebt Beanies are 100% made in the Netherlands, Knitted and fully assembled by hand, they are made in limited quantities. Heidi Liebt is unique, it is the only brand of Dutch beanies. The features of their manufacture, offer excellent thermal performance to keep you warm during winter conditions! Our beanies all have an inner headbands with 2 or 3 layer system in merino and soft acrylic, they also have THERMOLITE® or THERMOCOOL ™ fibers for maximum insulation and heat, THERMOLITE® fiber is a hollow fiber that capture Air for better insulation, it prevents moisture from the body and then the skin stays dry and does not cool. This system largely exceeds the polar linings often used in its type of product, making the Heidi Liebt beanies the coolest ever! The Heidi Liebt brand will charm you with its youthful look and exclusive style, you will be able to find the beanie that is suitable for all your types of activities or simply because a beautiful beanie gives you a cool look!  Shipping Canada ,USA. (  PRICES IN CAD $  )  


This charming headband of 10.5cm wide with two layers, is ideal for sports and leisure. Its outer contour made of THERMOCOOL ™ fiber and Merino wool inside to guarantee optimum heat and keep moisture away. It will keep you dry and warm. Comfortable! Due to the absence of seams where the headband is on the skin. Weighing less than 40 grams you almost forget that you are wearing it! Our merino wool comes from Mount Hesse. This farm is managed according to the worldwide environmental standards integrated with the best practices. They set standards of current requirements for wool processing quality and try new concepts – for grazing, rearing, shearing and living conditions of natural livestock. These concepts contribute to the continuous improvement of the final product.   To find out more go to the following address

New Collection ! Classic Cable

The Cable is super stylish: a very detailed knitted beanie, with a big pom! 
With its inner contour strip made of a  3-layer system of  Merino wool and soft acrylic. The Merino wool is enclosed in the third acrylic layer, non itchy  !! So comfortable ! 
 This combinaison performs as well in daily life as it does in the wildest outdoor conditions,
by absorbing and transporting moisture away from the skin. 
The Cable is assembled by hand with love in the Netherlands.

Technicals beanies:


A sports beanie designed with high performance technology.Ideal for intense exercise on cold days or for warmer days .Thin and lightweight, it is also perfect for wearing under a helmet. It has a cut similar to the Sporty Spice beanie for a comfortable fit. This hat is made with SmartWool® wool this wool is amazing, It is the most technical fiber available: Bluesign certified merino wool blend by ADVANSA Thermo ° Cool® This award-winning fabric presents a new dimension according to natural Merino fibers. All the advantages of climate control activate and the rapid transport of moisture from Thermo ° Cool harmonizes with the exceptional comfort and feel of merino wool. This fabric does not absorb as much moisture as Merino pure wool and is therefore well suited for highly aerobic sports. So, this technical fiber combines the CoolMax ™ and Thermolite ™ features that have praised the qualities of merino wool.Isolating in cold and / or cooling conditions, if temperatures are too high. See how by clicking on these links!

Sporty Spice

Sporty Spice is the ultimate sports beanie ideal for running, it was designed in collaboration with Rintje Ritsma (Speed Olympian skater), Alida Pasveer and Chris Geraets. The shape of the beanie is adapted for intense exercise, its special shape has the advantage of being worn just at the top of the eyebrows without hampering the adjustment to the neck. Thin and warm, its outer layer is made of the highest quality acrylic fiber. This fiber has the property of removing accumulated heat, it is characterized by its soft and silky touch, very light and very fast drying. The inner edge acts as an additional headband, it is made of 100% Sportswool Merino®: wool of very high quality with unique properties. Very insulating this beanie can absorb its own weight more than 2 times in moisture, its system offers a thermal protection that fights the harmful consequences of moisture, moisture will be evacuated outwards. Its weight is only about 47 grams!! It is very light too.

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