The story of Heidi Liebt

The original idea of ​​the Heidi Liebt brand was born in the heart of the beautiful landscape of the French Alps by Ingolf van Oostveen during a trip in a small tent truck in the summer of 2011.

This beautiful landscape of the Alps that loved so much Heidi! Who does not know the Heidi story in the mountains? Heidi was the little orphan girl who lived in the grand mountains of the Alps with her grandfather Joseph. Heidi enjoyed the beauty of mountain pastures, Peter the goat keeper, his cousin Clara, his dog the Saint-Bernard as well as Blanchette and all the other goats …

She knew how to share this happiness by bringing her joy of living with all those around her.

Heidi will probably love you too.

But what does Liebt mean? Liebt means Love!

Heidi Liebt presents innovative, quality products for the love of sport and it’s made 100% Holland in limited éditions this is why Heidi Liebt is exclusive!

heidi liebt logo

All Heidi Liebt Beanies are 100% made in the Netherlands, Knitted and fully assembled by hand, they are made in limited quantities. Heidi Liebt is unique, it is the only brand of Dutch beanies. The features of their manufacture, offer excellent thermal performance to keep you warm during winter conditions! Our beanies all have an inner headbands with 2 or 3 layer system in merino and soft acrylic, they also have THERMOLITE® or THERMO COOL ™ fibers for maximum insulation and heat, THERMOLITE® fiber is a hollow fiber that captures Air for better insulation, it prevents moisture from the body and then the skin stays dry and does not cool. This system largely exceeds the polar linings often used in its type of product, making the Heidi Liebt beanies the coolest ever! The Heidi Liebt brand will charm you with its youthful look and exclusive style, you will be able to find the beanie that is suitable for all your types of activities or simply because a beautiful beanie gives you a cool look!

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