The original idea of ​​the Heidi Liebt brand…  was born in the heart of the beautiful landscape of the French Alps by Ingolf de Oostveen during a trip in a small tent truck in the summer of 2011.

This beautiful landscape of the Alps that loved so much Heidi! Who does not know the Heidi story in the mountains? Heidi was the little orphan girl who lived in the grand mountains of the Alps with her grandfather Joseph. Heidi enjoyed the beauty of mountain pastures, Peter the goat keeper, his cousin Clara, his dog the Saint-Bernard as well as Blanchette and all the other goats …

She knew how to share this happiness by bringing her joy of living with all those around her.

Heidi will probably love you too.


But what does Liebt mean? Liebt means Love !

Heidi Liebt presents innovative, quality products for the love of sport!

Watch the video on the Sporty Spice process

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