Sporty Spice Grey + Fluo Yellow

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Sporty Spice is the ultimate sports beanie

The shape + materials of this beanie are adapted for intense exercise.

Made in with love.

Sporty Spice is the ultimate sports beanie, it was designed in collaboration with Rintje Ritsma (Speed Olympian skater), Alida Pasveer and Chris Geraets.

The shape of the beanie is adapted for intense exercise, its special shape has the advantage of being worn just at the top of the eyebrows without hampering the adjustment to the neck. Thin and warm, its outer layer is made of the highest quality acrylic fiber. This fiber has the property of removing accumulated heat, it is characterized by its soft and silky touch, very light and very fast drying. The inner edge acts as an additional headband, it is made of 100% Sportswool Merino®: wool of very high quality with unique properties.

This beanie can absorb its own weight more than 2 times, its system offers thermal protection that fights the harmful consequences, moisture will be evacuated outwards.

Its weight is only about 47 grams!! It is very light too.